Wow, India finally did a scene without shoes. Nice! Aidra plays the innocent girl so well, when she is really a porn slut, love it! They have to make more of these. They’re too good not too. Love Aidra as always but the guy needs to shut the fuck up. I’m not one of these people who cares who he is and bitch when when it’s a guy I don’t like I just want them all to be quiet. We are here for the girls, well most of us I’d wager. Amazing new series focus on this instead of drone shitter. I think they need to ditch Drone Hunter and focus more on this one. India summer is always in good ffm scenes with younger girls and this no exception, great pairing and a great scene. Aidra can sure suck a dick, shes so sexy. Brad definitely missed out on this one by leaving early. Only ten in this series? Too bad, this is the only one that I have really enjoyed. More!