I wish the blonde girl would have joined in, it would have made a great threesome. She looks hot. Hope to see her in the future in the action. The girl are so damn hot, but that stupid shit ruined everything good in this one. If he could STFU and learn how to hold that damn shaking camera a little more steady, this movie could have been a great one. And why the blonde didn’t do anything? Damn, she was even hotter. I really wanted to see Angie (the blonde) as part of the sex, with cock in her mouth and cum on her face. Ally (the brunette) did a great job, but we — again — have a solid cumshot ruined by the stud shooting the camera and the image jerking all over the place 🙁 If we’re not going to have a cameraman, could we at least get a tripod or something so the good stuff doesn’t get ruined? Instead of having Angie standing around doing nothing, why not give her the fucking camera! Could have been a really great scene 🙁 That squirting is incredible.